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LED luggage compartment light

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Part Number: 63312348803

The LED luggage compartment lights generate light that is five times brighter than the standard lights. It can quickly and easily be installed in place of the standard luggage compartment lights. Its optimised light characteristics guarantee ample illumination even in poorly lit areas such as garages or car parks.

Benefits of the LED luggage compartment lights at a glance:
  • illumination fives times greater than the standard lighting
  • best possible light dispersal in the luggage compartment thanks to optimised light characteristics
  • ample illumination even in poorly lit garages or car parks
  • simple, fast installation in place of the standard luggage compartment lights

Delivery Overview:

  • 1 LED luggage compartment light including connecting cable.
  • Installation information.

Additional Information:

Technical Information:

  • Dimensions: installation dimensions same as standard light, 3 mm thicker than standard lens due to the special lighting technology and tilted BMW LED logo.
  • Coordinated with the BMW on-board electrical system, suitable for all BMW vehicles. Suitable for all plugs and polarities thanks to Z0 coding of the plug and rectifier circuit.
  • Associated work: No vehicle coding is required.
  • The light-directing technology is optimised for the installation position in saloon luggage compartments with central installation underneath the parcel shelf.

Technical Data:

  • Mean lighting intensity: Em=100 Lux (standard light Em=20 Lux).
  • Colour temperature: TF = 5700 K.
  • Weight: 27 gr.
  • Power consumption: 2,5 Watt.

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