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This product is available at the Online Shop:

19" M Performance brake system

Product details

Part Number: 34112348054

For short braking distances – even under high thermal stress: The 19" brake system features ventilated lightweight sport brake discs – in the front fitted with aluminium fixed-calliper brakes, and in the rear with floating calliper brakes. Brake callipers in M Performance Blue. Features the four-colour BMW M logo.

Benefits of the 19" M Performance brake system at a glance:
  • equipped for high thermal stress
  • ventilated sport brake discs
  • front aluminium fixed-calliper brakes, rear floating calliper brakes
  • brake callipers in sporty M Performance Blue, with four-colour BMW M logo

This product is not intended to be installed by the customer. Installation must be performed exclusively by an approved dealer. For this reason, an installation manual is not enclosed.

Delivery Overview:

  • 2 19" front axle left/right brake calliper, blue.
  • 2 19" rear axle left/right brake calliper, blue.
  • 2 Front axle left/right brake disk.
  • 2 Rear axle brake disks.
  • 2 Front axle left/right brake guard plate.
  • 2 Rear axle brake guard plates.
  • 1 set of brake linings, front axle brake.
  • 1 set of brake linings, rear axle brake.

Additional Information:

Safety note:

  • The M Performance sport brake is only approved in combination with at least 19" alloy wheels (including in winter).
  • The vehicle must be run in carefully during the first 200 km after the brake system has been installed! Following this, the full effect of the brake system will be available.

Technical Information:

  • The larger, internally-ventilated 19" M
  • Performance lightweight brake disks ensure improved thermal capacity and therefore for greater braking performance under extreme conditions.
  • During frequent changes of fast acceleration and braking, the braking performance (good responsiveness and thermal resilience) is maintained for longer.
  • The brakes' low weight means low unsprung masses.
  • The Sport brake is an Original BMW product that has been tested during development and which therefore satisfies all of BMW's standards in terms of performance and quality.

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