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This product is available at the Online Shop:

18" M Performance brake system

Product details

Part Number: 34112450469

For short braking distances – even under high thermal stress: The 18" brake system features ventilated lightweight sport brake discs. It features four-piston aluminium fixed-calliper brakes in front and two-piston aluminium fixed-calliper brakes in the rear. Comes in M Performance Yellow. Features the four-colour BMW M logo.

This product is not intended to be installed by the customer. Installation must be performed exclusively by an approved dealer. For this reason, an installation manual is not enclosed.

Delivery Overview:

  • 1 M Performance Sport brake retrofit kit, consists of:
  • 4 Brake callipers including brake pads.
  • 2 Brake disks, front axle.
  • 4 Brake guard plates.
  • 2 Brake disk sensors.
  • Parts required for installation.
  • Installation information.


  • 18" Sport brake with 4-piston aluminium fixed calliper on the front axle and 2-piston aluminium fixed calliper on the rear axle.

Additional Information:

Safety note:

  • The vehicle must be run in carefully during the first 200 km after the brake system has been installed!
  • After the run-in time, the braking system will have reached its full effectiveness. In view of the design feature of the drilled and grooved BMW lightweight Sport brake disks, function-related noise can be generated during braking that has absolutely no impact on the stability of the brake disks.
  • The DSC coding must be adapted to the BMW M Performance Sport brake system. The BMW M Performance Sport brake system is only approved in combination with at least 18" aluminium wheels (including in winter)!
  • Caution: There is no matching winter tyres package available for some engine types* in the 2 Series Convertible (F23)!

Technical Information:

  • Optionally available in the colour versions "M Performance Red", "M Performance Yellow" or "M Performance Orange" including
  • coloured M logo.
  • Improved thermal capacity thanks to larger, internally ventilated lightweight Sport brake disks.
  • Reduction in the build-up of a film of water between the brake pad and the brake disk thanks to countersinks and grooves.
  • Lowweight, therefore lower unsprung masses.
  • National approval and modification of the vehicle documents is always necessary, since the brake system changes in the data relevant to the permit.

Technical Data:

  • 18" Sport brake with 4-piston aluminium fixed calliper on the front axle and 2-piston aluminium fixed calliper on the rear axle.
  • Drilled and grooved, internally ventilated BMW lightweight Sport brake disks with riveted aluminium pot measuring 370 x 30 mm (diameter x thickness) on the front axle and 345 x 24 mm on the rear axle.


  • Yellow.

Additional required parts:

  • 2x brake shoe paste, 3 g.
  • 2x brake disk, rear axle.

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The fitment of this product depends on your vehicles options and or production date.

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Colour: Yellow

R 41,463.25 *


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