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Wireless charging tray

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Part Number: 84102449887

The wireless charging tray offers a secure and stable storage option for a mobile phone. It facilitates wireless charging, along with inductive coupling with the vehicle’s external aerial, and can be optimally integrated into the vehicle. The charging function can be used with all mobile phones that support Qi charging technology.

Benefits of the wireless charging tray at a glance:
  • wireless charging of mobile phones
  • inductive coupling with the vehicle’s external aerial
  • best possible phone reception with reduced radiation
  • suitable for all mobile phones with Qi technology

This product is not intended to be installed by the customer. Installation must be performed exclusively by an approved dealer. For this reason, an installation manual is not enclosed.

Delivery Overview:

  • 1 Wireless charging tray.
  • 1 Charger.
  • 1 Cable ties.


  • Tray and retaining mechanism: rubber-coated surface.

Additional Information:

Safety note:

  • As a result of the technology used, the mobile phone heats up during wireless charging. If the device heats up too much, the device may stop the charging process or the display on the mobile phone will go dark or switch off.

Technical Information:

  • External aerial connection.
  • The wireless use of the BMW entertainment range and BMW apps depends on the car (model, year of production and equipment) and the mobile phone. The wireless charging tray is compatible with these functions, but does not extend them.
  • The mobile phone (including case) must not exceed the maximum size of length x width x height of 151 x 74 x 16 mm.

Technical Data:

  • Charging current: 1 Ampere.

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