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USB adapter for Apple iPod/iPhone

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Part Number: 61122220019

The sturdy USB adapter facilitates individualised listening pleasure in the vehicle. It allows Apple iPod™ or iPhone™ devices with a 30-pin connector to be integrated into the vehicle. Users can then play music stored on the device via the car speakers, while the connected device charges at the same time. The Apple devices can be conveniently operated with the iDrive Controller, the multifunction steering wheel or the radio. Search for tracks by artist, album, playlist or genre is supported by the vehicle or radio display.

Benefits of the USB adapter for the Apple iPod™ or iPhone™ at a glance:
  • connects the Apple iPod™ or iPhone™ with the vehicle via USB port
  • search for tracks on the on-board screen or radio display based on the artist, album, playlist or genre
  • for all Apple iPod™/iPhone™ devices with a 30-pin connector

Delivery Overview:

  • 1 USB adapter cable, 30-pin.

Additional Information:

Technical Information:

  • All adapter cables for Apple have been specified according to the Made for iPhone™/ iPod™ (MFI) guidelines set down by Apple and therefore ensure the perfect interaction between the connected Apple device and the car.
  • The cable's electrical properties have been enhancedfurther and the wave resistance has been optimised.

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