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Holder for action cameras for the Travel & Comfort System

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Part Number: 51952405468

The Travel & Comfort System offers a variety of different holders and attachment solutions in one system, achieving an even higher degree of travel comfort inside the vehicle. The requirement for this system is the basic carrier, which is securely mounted between the headrest pillars. This is used to install a variety of attachments quickly and easily – including this handy holder for attaching action cameras securely in the vehicle. The holder is made of high-quality black plastic, is attached to a 180° rotatable arm, and can be rotated on it through 360°. This means the camera attached can be pointed in all directions, so video recordings can be made of the entire vehicle interior. The camera is operated via smartphone using the camera manufacturer's app. With its sophisticated design, the holder for action cameras dovetails seamlessly with the high-quality BMW interior, and may be used in normal road traffic.

Benefits of the holder for action cameras at a glance:
  • clips securely into the Travel & Comfort System basic carrier
  • easy, tool-free camera attachment and removal
  • camera is operated via the camera manufacturer's app
  • crash safety tested in BMW vehicles

Delivery Overview:

  • 1 Travel & Comfort System holder for action cameras.
  • Installation information.


  • The holder is made from high-quality, stable and at the same time lightweight black plastic.

Additional Information:

Technical Information:

  • Holder is fixed to the headrest pillars of either the driver's or front passenger's seat and can thus be used at any time, even on normal public roads. The holder can easily be fitted by customers themselves.
  • The use of the holder offers great flexibility. Its 360-degree rotation means that the action camera can be rotated in all directions. This allows the customer to film from any angle.

Additional required parts:

  • Basic carrier.

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