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High-visibility safety vest

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Part Number: 82262288693

The reflective BMW high-visibility safety vests improve personal safety in the event of a breakdown. They are extremely well-made, highly visible in bright light and darkness, making for improved safety on the road both day and night. Obligatory safety equipment regulations in Germany state that the vehicle must be equipped with high-visibility safety vest for every passenger, for use in the event of a breakdown.

Benefits of the BMW high-visibility safety vests at a glance:
  • two premium quality high-visibility safety vests, universal size
  • in a protective cloth bag with small pack size
  • ideal for storing in the passenger compartment making it accessible at all times

Delivery Overview:

  • 2 High-visibility safety vest in a nylonbag.


  • Polyestere.

Additional Information:


  • Yellow.

R 229.47 *


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