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LED door projectors

Product details

Part Number: 63312414105

The innovative BMW LED door projectors make entering and exiting the car a truly unique experience. They are automatically activated when the doors are opened and light up the entry area in a wholly individual manner by projecting an image onto the ground next to the vehicle. The driver can personally select the image projected using the interchangeable slides that provide the choice between the BMW logo and three alternative motifs. So even in low light, the door projectors provide an individual experience when entering or leaving the car. They are simply installed in place of the existing door entry lights and are perfectly suited to the BMW on-board power supply.

Benefits of the BMW LED door projectors at a glance:
  • easy to install in place of the standard entry lights
  • BMW logo and three other motifs available
  • LED lights are optimally suited to the on-board power supply
  • image visible even in low light
  • includes: two door projectors, slides with various images

Delivery Overview:

  • 2 LED door projectors with BMW logo, left and right.
  • Additional slides (BMW wording, BMW M logo and BMW xDrive logo).
  • Installation information.

R 2,101.71 *


Recommended Retail Price, please select your BMW dealer for dealer specific pricing.

*RRP including VAT
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